UX Design

We understand user expectations to help software solutions that are competitive. UX involves all aspects of user interactions with the software, and US Design is important step for determining user goals and needs before development begins. When working on software development, we ensure that enough attention is on the UX process. The Basecast UX team uses the following steps in design process:

  • Analyze software business goals.
  • Conduct multiple interviews to understand the users.
  • Perform usability tests at each stage of the development process.
  • Expand upon and detail user behavior scenarios.


As a result of our UX Design process, our results will allow an application or website to accomplish the following:

  • Easier to navigate and use.
  • Allow users to quickly access required information.
  • Help users reduce errors and mistakes.
  • More engaging to the target audience.

Our UX Design process includes a range of services to help clients make software more appealing and easier to use.

Personas. We develop fictional characters to represent a specific group of users to understand their goals while using the software.


Use cases and scenarios. We analyze potential users and their behavior to define the most important aspects of the software functionality and document users’ movements each step of the way.


Customer journey maps. Our maps show the steps a user takes to navigate through the software, website or system while defining their attitudes and feelings at each tough point. This provides us a better understanding about which parts of the software make the highest impact on user experience.


Screen Workflows. Screen workflows are used to show how screens are linked to each other.


Wireframes. Wireframes are an important to avoid mistakes in placing information blocks and UI elements. We always create wireframes prior to development phase and we test user behaviors in the process, eliminating usability issues in later stages.