Basecast | Create your own community network
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The features you and your members will love.

With access to exclusive content creators and thousands of articles a day, Basecast allows you to boost the content published to your website or app – without doing anything. Engage your audience with fresh and up-to-date content to drive traffic back to your website or app.

Connecting audience needs, business goals, and brand value into a content strategy for success. 

The only sustainable way to hold your customers’ attention is to deserve it in today’s attention economy, where you are competing with distractions and the priorities of your customers. We strategically customized creative content – developing creatively compelling content that takes your brand to the next level, engages customers and yields measurable results. We help brands become the main attraction of their customers.

Hey You, Yes You. 

You want to bring together people who share an identity, an interest or a condition.

You’ve thought about a blog, explored a group or channel and even researched building your own custom app.

But you want your members to meet and interact with each other, not just follow you. 

You need a network. 

We’ve built Basecast for you.

In a Basecast network people join to meet each other. When members meet members, you’ll do less work. And with powerful analytics, you will always know what to do next. 


Your own branded mobile apps are waiting for you.

Transform your engaging content that people love into a powerful network.

Understand who your audience really is and the content that they really want. Engage your audience with speed and scale, and transform your marketing into a network of growth for your brand.

Made for people that have a life. 

Create a network community your members will love that gets easier to manage as your network continues to grow.